About us

What Is The Greater Manchester High Sheriffs Police Trust?

The Greater Manchester High Sheriff’s Police Trust is a partnership of individuals, companies and voluntary or statutory agencies that are determined to make a contribution to Greater Manchester by supporting projects that reduce crime and the fear of crime in our communities.  We believe that by working together we can find practical solutions to our crime challenges, and make Greater Manchester a better place to live and work.

The geographical area of Greater Manchester has been divided into separate areas replicating the Borough Councils of Greater Manchester. The areas of North Manchester and South Manchester are under the authority of Manchester City Council.


All funding granted must meet the Trust’s objectives and aims which are to:

–  promote for the public benefit in and around the Greater Manchester area a safer and increased quality of life, through the prevention of crime and the protection of people and property from criminal acts

–  secure the advancement of education, for the public benefit, in all matters relating to alcohol, drug and other solvent abuse.


Aim 1 –  Improve the quality of life of all communities in the Greater Manchester area, with vulnerable groups and victims of crime being priorities.

Aim 2 – Support wide ranging initiatives that address issues of crime reduction concerning the public and affecting the quality of their lives.

Aim 3 – Support community and race related initiatives including those which assist vulnerable groups with special and distinct needs, as identified through local consultation.

Aim 4 – Seek to support and complement initiatives arising from locally agreed Crime and Disorder crime reduction strategies, and support initiatives that arise from local consultation identifying concerns outside these strategies.