Greater Manchester High Sheriff's Police Trust
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Let's create a Greater Manchester

Message from the High Sheriff
Diane Hawkins

I am delighted to represent Greater Manchester as the current High Sheriff. My aim for the year is to help all members of the GM community find their feet after the traumas of the pandemic and open doors so that everyone can play their part in our future. As part of that initiative, I am very pleased to be a part of the Greater Manchester High Sheriff’s Police Trust and help to further the Trust aims and objectives.


Meet our Trustees
Diane Hawkins
High Sheriff 2021-2022
Eamonn O’Neal
High Sheriff 2020-2021
As the current High Sheriff, I am proud to play my part in the Greater Manchester High Sheriff Police Trust. My theme for my Shrieval year is \’Being You\’, an overarching phrase which allows us to celebrate Greater Manchester\’s enormously diverse communities. By recognising that there is strength in differences, we will be able to fulfil the Trust\’s objectives in supporting a wide range of initiatives, helping to increase the quality of life for everyone.
Mark Isaac Adlestone
High Sheriff 2019-2020
In my year as High Sheriff of Greater Manchester I am proud to represent the High Sheriff\’s Police Trust.
Edith Conn
Trustee Edith Conn was appointed a Deputy Lieutenant of Greater Manchester; her interest in the Red Cross continues and grows, as she was appointed President of the North West Area of the British Red Cross in 2005 and received the Badge of Honour for Outstanding Service to the British Red Cross.
Shauna Dixon
Trustee Shauna Dixon was appointed a Governor to the Corporation of The Oldham College in 2007 and is currently Director of Clinical Leadership ,Deputy Chief Executive of Oldham Primary Care trust. Shauna was honoured by Her Majesty The Queen in the New Years Honours List and was awarded an MBE.
George Almond
Trustee George Almond was appointed by her Majesty the Queen a Member of the Order of the British Empire in 1992 and as a Commander of the Order of the British Empire in 2000 for his contribution to Fire Engineering, both nationally and internationally.
Nicolas Bird
Trustee Nicolas Bird has given a great deal of time to the community over the years, specifically to St John in Greater Manchester. He was also made a Deputy Lieutenant of the County of Greater Manchester in 2001.
Christine Lee Jones
Trustee Christine Lee Jones was High Sheriff of Greater Manchester in 2011-12 and has been a Deputy Lieutenant for the county since 2007. She has been a JP since 2008.
Michael Greenwood
Trustee Michael Greenwood was appointed a Deputy Lieutenant in 2007 and is currently serving as a Trustee for the Greater Manchester High Sheriff’s Police Trust.
Sharman Birtles
Trustee Sharman Birtles is the former High Sheriff for 2015/2016 and has decided to stay on as a Trustee to continue her great work.
Chief Constable Stephen Watson

Our Aims